Decisions. Decisions!

This is what I get for getting on my blog’s reader feed and scrolling through 2 months of blog posts that I’ve not kept up with.

First, my friend has almost finished a baby blanket she’s knitting. Sigh. My blanket has reached the “Aren’t we there yet?!?!?” stage. I’m on the brink of finishing the 8th pattern repeat, which would make the blanket a square. I originally planned to make 9 pattern repeats to give it that real blanket shape of a rectangle. But since reorganizing my stash, I’m itching to start something else and so, making a square blanket seems like a good idea.

I did go to the store that I mentioned in the last post, and got three skeins each of green, red and fuchia Lanalux yarn. I also picked up the ebay yarn – which turned into almost double the black amount because the seller found more of it after I had purchased the first batch. So I have plenty of this yummy yarn to make something for myself after the baby things are finished.

But, of course, after reading my blog feeder this morning, I’m conflicted. One of the bloggers I follow just finished her EZ Pi Shawl and posted pictures. It is so gorgeous that I can’t help wanting to make my new sparkling yarn into one of these. But I’m sure I don’t have enough of the yarn to make more than a sparkling doily. Or maybe I do.

Sigh. Back to the baby blanket. Pictures to soon follow. Then I need to decide on the Christmas stocking for said baby. I have lots of time to make the decision as to what the Lanalux will become.

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