The Joy of Blogging: Finding New Books

Having started my own blog about knitting, I’ve started to find and follow other knitting blogs. Oh. My. Goodness. What a lot of information out there that I never knew about! I am truly overwhelmed by the vast amount of knitting techniques and methods that I never knew existed.

One of the blogs I’m following, Knitting to Stay Sane, just reviewed a new book that I am going to rush out and get.Just reading her review and then all the comments on her post was enough to make me run, not walk, to follow links to even more blogs and tutorials to see all kinds of new techniques that I don’t know, but would love to. Oh,by the way, the book is Beyond Knit & Purl by Kate Atherley. I’m so excited.

Of course, in ADHD fashion, I then spent an hour following various links to even more blogs and sites that explain and/or show videos of the techniques and tips mentioned in the comments that I’ve never heard of before: Norwegian join, mattress stitch (turns out I know this one – just didn’t know its name!), Kitchener stitch, felted join, cables without cable needles (I’m SO excited about this one). Oh, all kinds of things.

But, just noticed the time and realized I have to get ready for the day. It’s my day off and am going to my first S&B knitting group of the week. Must go knit. Oh darn.

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